Our thanks to everyone who helped to make the event such a wonderful one for all our families this past Sunday, December 9th. 900 guests joined us and enjoyed a special day celebrating the season together.
Over 300 cookies were decorated, numerous crafts were made, holiday shopping was done, toys and books were found at A Treasured Find and Goodie Bag, over 600 people enjoyed the Winter Festival show with guest star Maverick, coats and toys were collected for the Office of Public Service and much more!
We appreciate the help from the 250+ volunteers who donated their time and talents!
Especially Cochairs Joan Jones, Naiya Mittal, Kerry Romeo Ceriello & Tina Storper, Booth Chairs,Performers & Upper School volunteers - Erin A. Ahrens, Hessa Al-Thani, Faith Anyasi '20, Samira Askari, Hank Azaria, Kathryn Beal, Shannon Bell Yasemin Benedarte-Ekici, Lisa Booker, Lauren Brody, Kerry Butler, Alenne Centeno, Anthony Ceriello, Sophia Ceriello '20, Hayden Chan, Jocelynn Cheng, Kathy Chin, Grace Chionuma, Christine Chow '21, Shirin Christoffersen, Jennifer Conway, Bella Cuomo ’21, Kalpana David, Danielle DeCrette, Aimee Eicher '20, Amanda Eilian, LB Eisen, Shiva Farouki, Lindsay Forbes, Jason Ford, Nicole S. George-Middleton '93, Mark Grandfield, Brooke Hecker, Bobby Hirschhorn, Daniel Hu '20, Anne Huneke, Sahar Husain, Emily Jiang '21, Sarah John '20, Renee Goldsberry Johnson, Benjamin Johnson '27, Owen Jones '20, Meera Kanwar, Florencia Kaufmann, Elizabeth Keegan, Bianca Keith, Sharon R. Kelly-Bolster, Maura Kirzon Malone, Stacy Lefton, Rebecca Maas, Joseph Mazzarino, Segi Mazzarino ’24, Sumaya Mazzarino ’29, Margaret Meacham Klemm '91, Adam Meller '20, Iva Mills, Sarah Mlynowski, Willa Morris-Sublett '31, Lydia M. Muniz, Pierre Nordenson ’26, Nothing but Treble, Kendra O'Dwyer, Anouluwa Ojo '20, Victoria Orlin, Barbara Quandt, Manjul Ramchandani, Brooke Reid, Tina Samii, Ana Schiff ’19, Priya Sehgal, Julia Sexton ’20, Natalie Sexton ’22, Stefany Smadja, Robert Sublett, Alyssa Cohen Tablada '89, Sonya Thacker, Alejandra Ting, Treasure Hunting Club, Rosanna Troiano, Sophie Tsao ’26, Christine Tsibiridis, Alan Tulin, Uranium Sister, Susana Villa-Hagn, Gaya Vinay, Ishan Walia '20, Laura A. Warner, Michael Weisman, Jordan Woods ’20, Yadey Yawand-Wossen, Katy Yeh '22, Juanita Yim & Ying Yu.
If you would like to see highlights from the day please see the VIDEO.
Our thanks to the school's Building Services, Security, Dining Services and Administration for helping us bring Festive Cheer to our entire community.

Winter Festival 2018

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